Slan, by A.E. vanVogt

As a kid, Slan is one of the first scifi novels I read. This is a simple slide presentation about that book.

The code below initializes the Presentation object with a background color and footer text.

The three charts are added by the commands P.add_title_chart, P.add_titled_outline_chart and P.add_titled_image.

Note the lines in the add_titled_image command with the parameters pcent_stretch_center and pcent_stretch_content.

pcent_stretch_center causes the title, date, footer and page number to move toward the edges of the chart from 0% to 100% as far as they can go. This can open up the center of the chart for the next command (pcent_stretch_content) to make central content larger.

pcent_stretch_content causes the central content of a chart to get larger. The central content will expand from 0% to 100% of the available space.

The final command, P.save, will save the presentation to file and, if the launch flag is set, will launch whichever application is linked to odp files on your system. (PowerPoint, LibreOffice or OpenOffice)

from odpslides.presentation import Presentation

P = Presentation(background_color='darkseagreen', footer="slan example")

P.add_title_chart( title='Slan, from 1946', subtitle='A. E. van Vogt')

P.add_titled_outline_chart( title='Slans Are Evolved Humans', outline="""
The Slan are named after Samuel Lann
    The creator of Slans
There are two kinds of Slans
    With tendrils
        can read minds of ordinary humans
        can communicate telepathically with other Slans
    Without tendrils
        super intelligent
        no telepathy
        can hide thoughts from other Slan""")

P.add_titled_image( title='Ninth Big Printing', image_file='slan.png',
                    pcent_stretch_center=80, pcent_stretch_content=80)

P.save( filename='slan.odp', launch=1 )

download slan.odp

download slan.py

PowerPoint Output
OpenOffice Output

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John Varley

John Varley is an author I discovered in college with the three books shown here.

This example demonstrates a gradient background color as well as the fact that the P.add_titled_image command can take from 1 to 4 image names (image_file, image_2_file, image_3_file, image_4_file).

I’m showing a gradient style here of “linear”, however, other styles like “radial”, “axial”, “ellipsoid”, “rectangle” and “square” are, in theory available. (You may need to experiment to get the look you want.)

from odpslides.presentation import Presentation

P = Presentation(grad_start_color='ff9999', grad_end_color="#ffffff",
                 grad_angle_deg=45, grad_draw_style='linear',
                 footer='Gaea Trilogy', show_date=True)

P.add_title_chart( title='Titan, Wizard, Demon', subtitle='John Varley')

P.add_titled_image( title='Locus, Nebula, Hugo', image_file='Titan.jpg',
                    image_2_file='Wizard.jpg', image_3_file='Demon.jpg',
                    pcent_stretch_center=80, pcent_stretch_content=80)

P.save( filename='varley.odp', launch=1 )

download varley.odp

download varley.py

PowerPoint Output
LibreOfficeOffice Output

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Isaac Asimov

You can’t read scifi and not read Asimov. “I Robot” might be his most famous novel, but he has many related works.

This presentation highlights the “Foundation Series” originally a trilogy, it was exapanded on in later years.

The background of this presentation uses a bitmap image. The various font colors are specified using the short color names “dm” (dark magenta) and “i” (indigo)

Note the center slide, P.add_titled_text_and_image. It uses the alternate method of entering outline text, a list of strings. Each member of the list is a line of outline text. The indentation can be marked with tab characters “t”, or four spaces per indent.

from odpslides.presentation import Presentation

P = Presentation(background_image='robot_bg_light.png',
                 title_font_color='dm', subtitle_font_color='dm',
                 footer='Foundation Trilogy', show_date=True,

P.add_title_chart( title='The Foundation Series', subtitle='Isaac Asimov')

P.add_titled_text_and_image( text_location='top',
                             title='"Best All-Time Series" in 1966', title_font_color='',
                             outline=["Psychohistory","    Hari Seldon's Invention",
                             "R. Daneel Olivaw","    Humanity's Protector"], text_font_color='dm',
                             image_file='Foundation_Series.jpg', keep_aspect_ratio=True,
                             pcent_stretch_center=50, pcent_stretch_content=100)

P.add_titled_image( title='Two Prequels, Two Sequels, Many Reprints',
                    pcent_stretch_center=80, pcent_stretch_content=80)

P.save( filename='asimov.odp', launch=1 )

download asimov.odp

download asimov.py

PowerPoint Output

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